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Superior Professional Business Services LLC


  Our Top Priority Is Cutting Your Cost and Increasing your Productivity


Who We Are and What We Do




Superior Professional Business Service, LLC. (SPBS



          We are an Engineer support service, doing Direct Placement for many years, and we work close with our clients to make sure we understand their needs when selecting candidates for their company.   

As the first step, we review your company and correlate your current initiatives.  We consult with you in order to develop an understanding of your organizational culture and specific position and hiring criteria.   An appreciation of the management style and personalities involved is crucial.  It is also vital that we fully understand the open opportunity and its significance to the overall organization.  We must be able to represent your organization to the greatest possible advantage to potential candidates.   We want the client to recognize that Great Service ALWAYS  depend on working closely as a TEAM while understanding their  Need, which lead to a Long Term working Relationship.  

Company Values                 


SPBS owes its success to the group of dedicated team members who roll up their sleeves and rise to the challenge every day.  The values we share are a part of who are and what we do.    Here are just a few of the ideals that everyone on our team, from administrative staff to our executive team, holds close:

  • Service --- We guarantee our placements and always strive to provide you with stellar customer service.
  • Fairness --- We pledge to keep our price and polices fair and flexible throughout our working relationship.
  • Honesty--- We promise to communicate openly, and act always in a spirit of candor.
  • Safety--- We commit to advocating safety not only with our staff here at SPBS but, stress to each candidate how important it is to work safe, and keep the work environment safe for others.

Together with our values and code of conduct, our mission statement helps guide what we do every day.


Our mission is to put people to work and to provide superior service, while maintaining Integrity, dependability, and consistency.

We achieve this by valuing our employees, promoting continuous improvement, and treating people with dignity and respect.  

Code of Conduct

We will strive to provide you with the best service possible.

We will always treat you with dignity and respect.

We will always communicate with you honestly.

We will always price our services fair and reasonable.

We will guarantee our services.

We are always here to sit and talk out any problem that may arise.

                  Mistake and problems occur from time to time, but with open communication, there is

                  nothing we can’t get past.  We want to earn your trust and grow a long term business  

                  relationship with your company.


About Our Staff

SPBS staff is dedicated to high principals and we believe in matching the skills and needs of our employees with the needs of our clients has is a significant part our success.       

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Teamwork is a key Ingredient to productivity, profit, and that is why we inspire team spirit in our office place.  We make it our business to help your business.



Many of our customers supplement the recruiting efforts of their Human Resources Departments by engaging SPBS to provide them Direct Placement services.   Instead of spending hours sorting through hundreds of under-qualified resumes, screening potentially-qualified candidates, running background checks, and drug screening customer receive qualified and prescreened candidates.   We can do all this for you because, we employ state-of-the- art search and evaluation tools, we can source qualified candidates quickly.

What We Do

We thoroughly interview and screen candidates based on skills to make sure that they best suited for the job and the company.

 We than work with you to coordinate and schedule interviews.   We do what it takes to ensure that our customers get high-quality Engineers without having to do more than make a simple phone call.

Once you finalist are determined and you and the candidates express solid interest, we screen the candidate to verify employment, education, and background check.

SPBServices regarding our Direct Placement, We provide the following.

  • Interview Applicants that best matches what the clients are seeking from the client Job description and profile.
  • Screen Resumes
  • Check References
  • Provide background checks and/ or drug testing per client request
  • Schedule employer interview
  • Skype interviews if needed
  • Confidential Recruitment

Each candidate placed or referred to you will be in confidence, and we ask that you not refer nor identify them to any other company.  Should this be done, and any other company enters into a service relationship with the candidate, both companies will be responsible for the payment of the service fee.



Referred person from Superior Professional Business Solutions, sent to you for Direct Placement.


Service Relationship:

All engagement of the services of the candidate in any capacity, including as an employee, consultant, independent contractor or other representative.

Exclusive Search:

The client agrees not to give the assignment to another search firm, or hire through any other source other than Superior Professional Business Solutions, during the exclusive period.  If you hire a candidate from another source during the course of the exclusive period, Superior Professional Business Solutions will entitled to its total search fee.  The exclusive period begins when you have signed the Summary Agreement, made the first retainer payment, and instruct the Superior Professional Business Solutions to begin the search.  If SPBS search and client agree (no additional payment).  The process can be repeated often as the client requires.


Cost and Expenses for applicant:

If Superior Professional Business Solutions find the right candidate, the client is in another state and do not wish to interview candidate though Skype, and want to have a face to face interview the arrangement will be discussed by both parties client/applicant on how that meeting will be arranged.  SPBS will not be responsible for any out of pocket expense for this interview meeting




FEE Structure Agreement

Business_people_shaking_hands : A contract agreement


Superior Professional Business Service we work with our on a contingency placement with our clients


Superior Professional Business Solutions LLC, service fee is on a contingency basis and is equal to fifteen percent 15% of the employee’s estimated total gross earnings for the year.  Total estimated annual gross earnings will include a reasonable amount of the song on bonuses, and commissions, or overrides or other incentives in addition to the base salary.  

The fee schedule for this is 50% up front and the remainder should be paid in quarterly increments for that year.

Summary of Agreement:

Guarantee Period: 365 days

If for some reason, you the client decides not to go with the current candidate, SPBS will be obligated to replace candidate with client approval.



Superior Professional Business Service, LLC.

Our Top Priority is to provide companies with a full range of quality service, to decrease their hiring cost, time, and Increase their productivity by getting the RIGHT candidate to get the JOB done.



When Ever the Clients Need Us---Because Your BUSINESS Is What Keeps us OPEN

How to Contact Us: 

Mrs. Lena Wilson

Phone (864) 293-0159




We look forward to
 working with you!



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